Legacy Yacht Charters takes pride in making your yacht charter experience unique, exclusive and unforgettable. Unlike large corporate charter companies, Legacy Yacht Charters is family owned and operated and strives to customize all cruising experiences no matter how large or small. You will never speak to a phone operator or have to choose from a menu of options. We consider our crew family, and every single person who steps aboard the Legacy quickly becomes part of our extended family as well. Yachting with us means customized itineraries and endless combinations of  various options all organized by your exclusive Legacy coordinator who goes above and beyond to design your charter of choice. Your coordinator will work around the clock to ensure a seamless experience from beginning to end. Your certified and licensed captain and crew look forward to catering to your every need on The Legacy. Once you have become part of our family and experienced The Legacy, it becomes impossible to stay away for long.

    Flexibility is one of our main objectives. When working with our staff, we want our clients to feel comfortable communicating any ideas they have to bring to the table. We are certainly aware that situations change constantly, especially the predictableness of the weather. Our family-oriented staff will offer our clients nothing less than most personalized and unique charter experience.
    Creativity is our specialty. Each charter requires creativity in the planning process to fulfill the client’s expectations. It is imperative that our company be creative to succeed and be willing to encourage new and fresh ideas. Our creativity is one of the qualities that separate us amongst other yacht charters as we attempt to make anything possible for our clients. With our “make it happen” mentality, we thrive to make your experience exceptional.

Meet Your Captain

Eddie Andreau

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, FL Captain Eddie Andreu’s love of the sea started at an early age, although he would say, even before birth. His family, having migrated from the water’s edge in Santa Fe, Cuba, would soon pass on the wonderful tradition of boating and fishing. As a third generation fisherman, Eddie grew up behind the helm and has learned the ropes of the ocean developing a connection with water, its wild life and sailing vessels of all kinds.
Eddie Andreu holds a 100 ton masters U.S.C.G. license and is the sole operator of The Legacy. To further enhance his expertise on the water, Captain Eddie elected to become an “American Boat and Yacht Console” certified marine technician. Understanding his role as the Captain of the vessel, Captain Eddie assumes full responsibility for the safety and efficiency of the vessel, as well as all passengers on board. Captain Eddie is also CPR first aid certified and is well equipped to handle all unexpected situations. Captain Eddie’s experience, expertise, extensive certifications, and genuine love of the water and everything it encompasses ensures nothing less than the very highest in standards of excellence.
Additionally, Captain Eddie writes for Mar Y Pesca Magazine, Backwater Beat, participates in a professional series of fishing tournaments such as the IFA Redfish Tour and more.

The Legacy Team

  • First Mate
    First Mate

    The first mate is generally responsible for being the right hand to the captain. Any information stated by the captain will be communicated by the first mate. This crew member will be responsible for helping the captain in any assistant he may need. All guests on board will be given instructions by your first mate regarding safety, locations of emergency equipment and important information that needs to be shared.

  • Steward / Stewardess
    Steward / Stewardess

    This crew member is on board to ensure the happiness of our guests, provide a service before the guests make a request and anticipate events before they happen. The most important aspect of this individual is his/her attention to detail. Of all the crew members, the yacht steward/stewardess will generally have the most personal contact with the guests on board. The day of the charter, your steward/stewardess will maintain the interior of the boat as well as attending to the personal needs of its guests. This is your crew member who will provide you with any toiletries and amenities that you may need while aboard the yacht. With their outstanding guest service skills, discretion, confidentiality and multi-lingual qualities, we ensure your voyage to be that much more pleasurable.

  • Event Planner
    Event Planner

    Your professional event planners will coordinate any necessary arrangements prior to your charter. Whether your expedition consists of a romantic dinner on a waterfront restaurant or a sophisticated themed affair that requires catering, photography or a masseuse, our staff is highly trained to arrange everything for you. Upon reservation, each charter will have its very own personal coordinator who you will work closely with to take care of all the details to make your charter experience unforgettable.

    Being a family-owned operation, our aim is to provide personal attention and genuine care to your experience. Earning your trust is imperative to us, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

    Our Captain and crew members have been hand selected for their exceptional skills and personality.

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